Hip problems are common. Hip pain due to arthritis, developmental problems or trauma can lead to increasing pain and a frustrating loss of mobility and freedom.

Patients of all ages may suffer hip pain, and in some cases surgical intervention may be indicated. Before deciding on the need for surgery Mr Ward will need to clinically assess you and take a detailed history of your problems. X-rays and sometimes a scan and blood tests may need to be arranged to determine the appropriate treatment. Most investigations can be performed at the time of the initial assessment, and often your referring GP will have arranged a pelvis Xray prior to referral.

Patient Testimonials

I Would like to express my grateful thanks to you and your team for the wonderful care and support I received when you gave me my new hip. Wow it was amazing. Many thanks again from a rejuvenated 73 year old.

JB. Radstock, Somerset

I thought you would be interested to know that at this moment in time your effort to restore my hip joint appears to be 100% successful and that I hope subject to the weather being suitable to begin work on my allotments come early April.

AC, Swanage

WE would like to convey our most sincere and heartfelt gratitude for carrying out the procedure when we were unable to get help elsewhere.We thank you SO very much to you and your team for a successful operation.

AF 2017, Poole